Check traffic cameras on your Pocket PC

Traffic Vizzion

If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0 device and despise traffic jams, Traffic Vizzion may just become your favorite application. It makes use of the ever-increasing number of traffic cameras that monitor highways and roads to deliver real-time traffic flow pictures to your device. Rather than listening to traffic reports, you can now make your own decisions. If your device supports GPS, you can easily find cameras near your location or up ahead so that you can get advance notice of any issues.

More than than 50 metropolitan areas in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver), the United States and the UK are currently available.

Traffic Vizzion is available for $5 USD a month or $39 USD for a yearly subscription. The subscription includes free software updates and camera database updates. A two-week trial version is also available.

Source: JKOnTheRun

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