Cruzer Titanium: When your USB drives take a beating

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium

SanDisk has unveiled the Cruzer Titanium, a line of rugged and smart USB flash drives. Built with a crush-resistant (to over 900 kg or 2000 lbs) casing, it comes with U3 smart technology which lets you install and execute applications directly from the drive. Among the software pre-installed is Skype, AVAST antivirus software and the CruzerSync synchronization tool. Rather than the traditional cap, the Cruzer Titanium comes with a retractable USB connector. It is rated at 15MB/s read speed & 9MB/s write speed.

The Cruzer Titanium is available with either a 1GB capacity ($74.99 USD) or 2GB ($119.99 USD).

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