HTC Hermes becomes O2 Xda trion in Germany

HTC Hermes

The::unwired has found that the HTC Hermes will go on sale in Germany as the O2 XDA trion. Powered by a Samsung ARM CPU with 400 MHz and Windows Mobile 5.0 with AKU 2, this quad-band and UMTS capable device (with forthcoming upgradeability HSDPA) also comes with 128 MB ROM and 64 MB RAM, a 2MP camera on the back and QCIF camera on the front (for video telephony), Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11 g Wi-Fi, a microSD slot and a QVGA screen. the::unwired also reports that the XDA trion will support A2DP Bluetooth stereo.

Pricing without a service contract has not been released but,with a 24 month O2 Active 100 contract, the XDA trion will cost 300 €.

With HTC’s new focus on North America, we should also expect to see the Hermes on North American shores.

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