Lots of BoxWave new products

My mailbox is full of BoxWave announcements for new products. Let’s have a closer look.

For the O2 XDA Atom, BoxWave is now offering the Active Case and ClearTouch Anti-Glare screen protector. The Active Case is a custom-contoured clear plastic case that lets you see your screen and use the device while in its case thanks to its cutouts (We reviewed the Active Case for the iPAQ hx2450 last November). It comes with a detachable belt clip. The ClearTouch Anti-Glare screen protector combines anti-glare protection, optical clarity and protection for our screen..

The ClearTouch Anti-Glare and ClearTouch Crystal (99% visual transparency and glass-like clarity) screen protectors are also available for the Motorola SLVR, SLVR L7 and Samsung MM-A900.

Lastly, the Armor Case is now available for the Palm Z22. The Armor Case is a form-fitting anodized aluminum case lined on the inside with a layer of foam. Its cutouts give you quick access to the stylus, memory slot, headphone jack, IR port, and charging/synchronization port. It also comes with a detachable belt clip.

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