Maestro: The PDA for the visually impaired

Humanware Maestro 2

Humanware, a company that designs and manufactures innovative technology for people who are blind, deaf-blind, visually impaired and learning disabled, has released a new version of its PDA for the visually impaired. The Maestro 2.0 is a standard Dell Axim with a tactile overlay to let users enter data and use commands by touch.

Maestro 2.0 builds on the functionality offered by its successor by adding full email capabilities, enhanced media player functionality, task management (including Outlook synchronization), improvements in Victor Reader and Text Notes and more.

Maestro can also be used with an optional KeyMaestro Braille Bluetooth keyboard, a full QWERTY keyboard, the Trekker talking GPS system and more.

Existing Maestro users will be able to download a free upgrade in August.

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