YubNub goes mobile with Skweezer


So, what is Yub Nub? It’s a site where you can set up command-lines for the web. You define shortcuts (for example, wp immediately takes you to Wikipedia) that can be used on any computer or Internet-enabled device both by yourself as well as other people.

YubNub has partnered with Skweezer to create a mobile version of the YubNub site, further enhancing the usefulness of this site as it will now be accessible using cell phones and PDAs. Skweezer is a free service that optimizes Web pages, searches, and e-mail for use on mobile devices by compressing and reformating content so that it loads faster, looks better and is easier to navigate. Skweezer was also added to the Golden Egg list (the most useful and popular commands). Typing skw at YubNub will load Skweezer so that you can access optimized mobile content.

I’ve set up gad as a shortcut to take you to Gadgetorama! Give it a try!

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