Bluemouse: Use a mouse with your Windows Mobile device

Teksoft Bluemouse

Teksoft has announced the release of Teksoft BlueMouse, a driver that lets you use a Bluetooth mouse with your Windows Mobile device. With BlueMouse, you use your Pocket PC in the way you’ve always wanted, and in the same time your Bluetooth Mouse becomes once again your favorite toy, as BlueMouse allows it to function attached to your Pocket PC. With a click you can open a program, open an applet, switch to another task, close the current task, or even scroll up or down your documents while reading!

BlueMouse 1.0 comes with universal HID support, a small memory footprint, GAPI compatibility for players, 17 custom actions for compatible mouse devices, customizable mouse cursors and more.

Bluemouse is available for €14.95 directly from Teksoft. A trial version is also available (which works on 80 percent of the screen).

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