Concept phones from Nokia and Sony-Ericsson

Back before Apple unveiled its iPhone, Nokia had the Nokia 888 concept phone. Designed by Tamer Nakisci, this flexible device can be shaped in different ways, allowing it to be worn on the wrist, slipped into a pocket or clipped on your jacket. Given the flexibility of the device, it would have to use a liquid-based battery that would tolerate being shaped any which way. It promises to have all the traditional PIM functions, albeit in a much more visual fashion. Interestingly, the video does little to show how you interact with the device although gestures are implied a few times.

Interesting but still for sci-fi than reality!

From Sony Ericsson comes a concept phone more grounded in reality. This one proposes a 3.2MP camera, 2GB of storage, a radio, a slide-down keypad cover and what appears to be an OLED display, all in a very thin and sleek design.

Sony Ericsson phone concept

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