QWERTY thumb keyboard coming for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 QWERTY text-input controller

In May, Microsoft will add Windows Live Messenger on Xbox 360, allowing Xbox 360 players to connect with friends using not only other Xbox 360 consoles but also Windows-based PCs and Windows Mobile-powered devices. To go with the new service, Microsoft will launch a QWERTY text-input device this summer. Until then,

This device will connect into the Xbox 360 controller through the headset jack to make it easier to chat with your friends. It will have its own headset jack (to replace the one it occupies) and bundled headset and the keyboard will be backlit.

Pricing for the QWERTY text-input device has not been disclosed yet.

The Spring Update for Xbox 360 will also include new features and enhancements, including enhanced family settings, updates to the Xbox LIVE Arcade to see what friends are playing, improved download controls and more.

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