Speedscript: An alternative software keyboard


If you’re still looking for an easy to use text input solution for your PDA, smartphone or Tablet PC, you should have a look at SpeedScript. SpeedScript is an input system specifically designed for touchscreen devices. It enables you to write as quickly as with ten-finger typing on a tiny touchscreen keypad. Both versions – SpeedScript smart and SpeedScript qwerty – feature the blue window that enables you to write 50 percent of all characters directly with a stroke of the pen. This ingenious feature is what makes SpeedScript so efficient.

The difference between the two versions is the keyboard layout. SpeedScript qwerty features a traditional QWERTY keyboard while the smart version features a more compact and optimized layout that should help you type faster.

Either version of Speedscript is available for $9.90 USD from our affiliate PocketGear (qwerty version or smart version). Trial versions are also available.