The Chargepod: Another organization gadget for your gadgets


If outfitting your house with Socket Pockets for all your gadgets won’t work for you, perhaps the Chargepod is the gadget to bring order to the chaotic process of charging your gadgets. It will let you charge up to 6 devices at the same time while eliminating the need to have all these chargers covering your table or desk. You can charge cell phones, headsets, music players, PDAs, digital cameras and many other mobile electronics that operate in the 5-6V range. For each device, you select the appropriate manufacturer-specific adapter and you’re set to go.

You will find adapters for Jabra headsets, Treo smartphones, Apple iPods and many others.

The Chargepod is available for US$49.95 and each adapter is an additional US$9.95.

Source: PocketPC Thoughts

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