The latest iPod rumours


Welcome to another installment of iPod rumours.

CNN is resurrecting the rumour that Apple could launch a subscription service within the next six months. Apple is apparently working with a company called INTENT MediaWorks, a digital distribution system for peer-to-peer networks.

While Steve Jobs still opposed to this model, Apple may need to move in this direction to attract new customers as its competitors continue to experiment with different ways to deliver music in order to find a chink in Apple’s armour.

Meanwhile, analysts at Citigroup suggest that Apple will announce new iPod models in the fall. The nanos will increase in capacity, perhaps up to 16GB. And the much-rumoured video iPod, sporting a touchscreen like the iPhone, will also finally launch. The higher capacity nanos could be priced at $249 USD while the video iPod will fall in the range of $250 USD to $400 USD.