Symbian S60 Touch demonstration

Thanks to a new video posted over at the S60 blog, we can now get a taste of what the upcoming Symbian S60 Touch operating system will not only look like but also how it will work. S60 is expanding the UI offering by Touch UI with tactile feedback to create new type of devices and applications and by UI Accelerator Toolkit to create graphically stunning applications. The interface will not change very much as Nokia wants to keep it as familiar as possible for current S60 users.

Overall, it looks promising but it will be interesting to see how the finished product works with upcoming devices as the demo was run off a PC.

A second video shows some work being done with sensors. It’s not particularly new though as we have seen similar applications in the past. For example, the sensors can detect that the device is being shaken (but not stirred – sorry!) or turned over. A practical application could be to let the user turn the phone over to mute the ringing of an incoming call.

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