Phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 lost during MWC

ZDNET is reporting that a mobile phone running a beta version of Windows Mobile 6.5 was lost during Mobile World Congress. The phone, apparently either a just announced HTC Touch Diamond2 or Touch Pro2, had been loaned to a Telstra executive by Microsoft. It is not clear if the phone was simply lost or was stolen.

Early reports had suggested that the phone had been given to Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo but Telstra reported later that the phone had in fact been given to another Telstra employee.

Microsoft seemed to take the loss in stride. A company spokesperson said, “Although we regret that the prototype phone given to Telstra was misplaced, we don’t envisage this incident as impacting Microsoft in any way.”

Both Windows Mobile 6.5 and the HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 were unveiled earlier this week.

There is nothing like a little bit of mystery to spice up an already very interesting Mobile World Congress.

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