Summary of the Apple September 1st 2010 Music Event


Steve Jobs took to the stage today in what was billed as a Music Event. Here is the recap:

  • First, an update on new Apple stores in Paris, London, and Shanghai (very cool architecture). Some 300 stores are now open in 10 countries with over a million visitors on some days.
  • iOS update: 120 million devices have now shipped with 230,000 activations taking place day (not including updates). 250,000 apps are now available in the App store with some 25,000 for the iPad. About 200 iOS apps are downloaded every second.
  • Introducing iOS 4.1: New features include support for HD video uploads over Wi-Fi, high dynamic range (HDR) photos (essentially 3 photos with different settings combined into one), TV show rentals, and a new Game Center app for multiplayer games. A number of bug fixes also included for proximity sensor, Bluetooth issues, and iPhone 3G performance issues.
  • iOS 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch will be available next week as a free download from iTunes.
  • Sneak peek at iOS 4.2: Promises to bring everything to the iPad. New features include wireless printing and AirPlay (renamed and enhanced AirTunes) will stream video, photos and audio over Wi-Fi. It will be available for free in November for iPad as well as iPhone and iPod touch (not all models though).
  • iPod summary: Over 275 million iPods have been sold to date. All new line-up being introduced today.
  • iPod shuffle: New design still without a display but buttons are back including a large control dominating the front. New features include Genius playlists and VoiceOver. It will come with 2GB of storage and five colours to choose from. It will sell for US$49.
  • iPod nano: Completely new form factor (46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter) with the clickwheel being replaced by a multi-touch display with an iOS-like interface with multiple home screens (each with four icons). It has physical volume buttons, an FM radio and a built-in clip. The battery should last about 24 hours. It will be available in six colours for US$149 for the 8GB model and US$179 for the 16GB model.
  • iPod touch: Now the most popular iPod. Essentially an iPhone without the phone (or the contract). Also outselling Nintendo and Sony portable gaming systems with an over 50 percent market share.
  • New iPod touch comes with LED-backlit retina display, Apple A4 chip, 3-axis gyroscope, iOS 4.1 with Game Center, a front-facing camera (supporting FaceTime), and a rear-facing camera capable of HD video capture.
  • The new iPod touch will sell for US$229 for the 8GB model, US$299 for the 32GB model, and US$399 for the 64GB model. All three will be available starting next week.
  • iTunes update: Downloads have topped 11.7 billion songs, 450 million TV shows, 100 million movies, and 35 million books
  • iTunes 10 being introduced today with new logo. Introduces Ping, a “social network for music” which lets you follow artists and friends, get local concert news, etc. Available today.
  • One more thing hobby: Apple TV – Jobs recognized that it has not been a big hit but Apple has learned a lot.
  • The new Apple TV is about a fourth of the size of the current version. It comes with 802.11 n Wi-Fi, one HDMI port, one USB port, and optical audio and Ethernet connectors.
  • Apple TV is built around renting and streaming content (HD where available). First run HD movies will cost US$4.99 and HD TV shows from ABC and Fox will cost US$0.99 and be commercial free. Content from your computer, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe can also be streamed.
  • Apple TV will sell for US$99 and will be available in about a month. Pre-orders to start today.

While nothing truly revolutionary was presented today, it will be interesting to see how the new Apple TV and the new rental/streaming model fares. I have a feeling that the more content Apple can make available, the more successful Apple TV will be this time around.