TELUS launches new tablet data plans

TELUS Mobility

TELUS yesterday announced new tablet data plan options. Aside from its existing iPad data plans, TELUS now offers a ‘Flex Data Plan for Tablets’ plan and a ‘Share Plan for Tablets 15’ plan.

The ‘Flex Data Plan for Tablets’ plan gives you up to 500MB of data for CA$20 per month. Should you go over, the monthly rate will automatically adjust to CA$35 and give you a maximum of 5GB.

The ‘Share Plan for Tablets 15’ allows users to share their Clear Choice Voice and Data Plan with their tablet for CA$15 per month. It is only available until October 5th and requires a three-year activation on a Clear Choice Voice and Data plans CA$60 or higher.

It’s not clear whether TELUS unveiled the new plans in anticipation of new tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab?) or simply to support the Apple iPad. The wording certainly suggests that this would apply to more than just the iPad (although the URL itself suggests the latter).

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