TweetDeck for Android beta coming this week

My favourite Twitter client is TweetDeck. I’ve missed it on my Android smartphone but there is good news at last. A public beta of the upcoming Android client will start this week.

We’ve built Android TweetDeck from the ground up to be true multi-stream, laser focused on showing you all your friends’ cross-service activity in one app. Multi-column is still the order of the day but now columns are blended based on the type of activity rather than the service. And all this whilst retaining the most powerful functionality from each included service.

I have only one concern: The promise that “we’ve really been pushing the limits of what Android can do” may suggest that older Android versions (eg, 1.x) may get left behind.

TweetDeck is also promising that much of what is new in Android TweetDeck will make its way to the iPhone and iPad versions as well as its desktop and web versions.

Stay tuned – I’ll let you know when the beta is out…

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