Windows Phone headed to Verizon in time for holidays?

Microsoft Windows Phone

A tweet from the official Windows Phone Twitter account is indicating that Windows Phone 7 devices could be headed to Verizon before the holidays.

@joeyjoyjoy #WP7 devices will be rolling into Verizon stores this holiday season and more will arrive in early 2011!

Microsoft had earlier confirmed that a CDMA version of its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system would not be available until early 2011, leaving both Sprint and Verizon unable to offer such devices until then.

Don’t get your hopes too high. A second tweet suggests that we are back to the original 2011 timeline:

@musicman247 Verizon is a valued partner and we look forward to seeing Windows Phone 7 devices in their stores in 2011. #windowsphone

I still think that if you are hoping for a Verizon Windows Phone 7 device under the Christmas tree, you may want to prepare yourself for a bit of disappointment.