Google adds Waze-sourced incident data to Google Maps

Waze integration into Google Maps

Google yesterday announced that it has added Waze incidents to Google Maps in 46 additional countries, including Canada. The crowdsourced data adds even more information to the traffic data already available through the app. Information is supplied by a “community of traffic-obsessed drivers” who very often provide updates faster than more official lines of communication can.


Google acquired Waze, a company based in Israel, back in June  to “help you outsmart traffic.” It quickly integrated the company’s service into Google Maps with Waze-sourced data first appearing about a month after but only in a limited number of countries.

Google Maps will also use the Waze data to recalculate your route around incidents and traffic accidents in real-time in a bid to get you to your location that much faster.


Best of all, the new information will be available to you without the need to update Google Maps.


Source : @GoogleMaps