List of new apps to be preloaded on LG G3

LG ElectronicsWe’ve just received some interesting information about the upcoming LG G3. While most rumours have focused on the hardware side of things, a tipster who has proven reliable in the past has sent us a list of apps that will be found on the next LG flagship. Without further ado, here is that list:

  • Concierge-Board
  • EasyHome
  • Enterprise Suite
  • Favorite Contacts(W)
  • G-Board
  • LG Account
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • PayPal
  • Photos (Google+)
  • QMemo+
  • QVoice+
  • SmartShare Cloud – LG Cloud
  • Tangible Reality IO

According to our tipster, these apps were found in a UAProf file for the LG-LS990, none other than the rumoured Sprint Wireless version of the LG G3. They include a mix of LG and third party apps. While some are updates to current apps (such as LG’s QMemo+ and QVoice+), others are completely new. While the purpose of some is easy to guess, others are not quite as obvious. For example, it’s not immediately clear what Concierge-Board is.

Apps such as Enterprise Suite, along with VMware which already made its way onto the LG G2, suggest that LG also has its eye on getting the LG G3 in the hand of enterprises and other businesses.

According to recent rumours, the LG G3 is slated to be announced in late June with a launch to follow in early July.

Thanks tipster!

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