Sony Mobile partners with IFTTT to offer Lifelog recipes

IFTTT recipes for Sony LifelogSony Mobile offers the Lifelog application alongside its wearables. The platform presents the information collected from the Sony SmartWatch3, SmartBand and other smartwear products to put together a daily log that goes beyond simple activity tracking. For example, it will show you the music you listened to, the photos you took with your smartphone that day, weather conditions that day along with the more usual activities log (calories burned, steps taken, etc). Sony has now partnered with IFTTT (If This Then That) to make Lifelog even more useful.

IFTTT has created a new channel specifically for Lifelog and compatible devices. A small number of recipes have already been created by the official SonyMobile IFTTT account. Among this first round of Lifelog recipes are the following:

  • Track your recorded sleep in a spreadsheet
  • Share daily step goals with your Facebook friends
  • Receive a daily email activity summary
  • Tweet when you’ve reached your daily calorie goal
  • Log when you don’t reach your daily walking goals

Note that Sony Lifelog is not compatible with just Sony smartphones. The app also works with a range of other Android devices.

Sony Lifelog

Both the IFTTT and Sony LifeLog apps are free downloads from the Google Play Store.

Source : IFTTT blog