Samsung Canada announces Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPro pricing and launch details

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2

Samsung’s newest tablets are about to land in Canada. After being unveiled at CES 2014, Samsung Canada confirmed that the GALAXY NotePRO and TabPRO would be coming to Canada very soon. The company today announced more specific launched details by confirming that they will be hitting Canadian retail shelves between late February and late March. “The GALAXY PRO Series showcases […]

Canadian government still opposed to Mobilicity acquisition by TELUS


Mobilicity, one of Canada’s smaller carriers, is quickly running out of options. Having put itself up to an auction sale in December, its creditor protection is set to run out in mid-February. It has already been extended several times but that’s no guarantee that it will be again. With the prospect of being unable to find a buyer and simply […]

Industry Canada touts new wireless rules in video

Wireless in Canada ad by Industry Canada

Industry Canada yesterday released a new video that touts the changes that have taken place under the leadership of the Conservative government. The 30 second video tells us that “wireless services in Canada are getting better, becoming faster and with even more choice” thanks to the new rules it has been implementing. Among the changes highlighted are 15-day trial periods […]

Future cellphone tower installation to require public consultation

Cellular tower

While many expected that Industry Canada would today announce the outcome of the ongoing 700MHz spectrum auction, the Canadian government instead today unveiled changes to the Antenna Tower Sitting Policy which guides the process by which companies can install cellphone towers. The announcement was made by Industry Minister James Moore. The policy, dating back to 2008, initially required public consultation only […]

Canada’s 700MHz spectrum auction kicks off today

Cellular tower

Despite yesterday’s surprise that WIND Mobile had withdrawn from the 700MHz spectrum auction, the bidding for the new spectrum licenses, including four prime blocks of spectrum, in 14 Canadian regions got underway today. The 700MHz spectrum has been deemed particularly valuable because of its ability to travel further and through buildings more easily, thereby requiring less infrastructure. It it also […]

Canada to hold 2500MHz spectrum auction in 2015

Wireless antenna

Industry Minister James Moore announced today that the Canadian government is planning to hold a spectrum auction in 2015 for licenses in the 2500MHz range. The broad rules of the auction, aimed at putting “Canadian consumers first,” are very similar to those of the upcoming 700MHz auction and were outlined today. They include: spectrum caps to ensure that four or more […]

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO tablets coming to Canada

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2

Samsung unveiled a new tablet lineup at CES 2014. In all, four new tablets, the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO (12.2) and the Galaxy TabPRO (12.2, 10.1 and 8.4), were introduced. Samsung Canada today confirmed that the tablets are coming to Canada. “The Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO kick off a year in which Samsung truly establishes its leadership in the tablet market,” […]

Catalyst Capital Group withdraws from Canada’s upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction

Cellular tower

Canada’s upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction has lost another bidder. Industry Canada today updated the bidder list to reflect that the private equity firm had withdrawn. Catalyst Capital Group is Mobilicity’s biggest creditor and had revealed plans this summer to set up a fourth national carrier. It is the fourth company to drop out since the list of bidders was finalized […]