A PDA for your teenager?

Aeronix Zipit

The Aeronix Zipit is a device squarely intended for teens. It comes with 802.11b/g WiFi and allows users to chat using the most popular instant messaging services. According to Frank Greer, Vice President of Aeronix, Inc., Zipit is an ideal solution that allows kids to chat with their friends without tying up the family PC or running up unwanted mobile text messaging charges.

The Zipit uses a clamshell design (full QWERTY keyboard and 16-color greyscale LCD with QVGA resolution), measures in at 4.25 inches wide by 3.6 inches long and .8 inches deep and weighs eight ounces.

Future upgrades will allow playback of streaming music (the Zipit comes with a speaker and headphone jack), customized fonts, sounds and emoticons.

It will sell for $99.99 USD.

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