Discommon Goods Watch Wallet for your travels

Discommon Goods Watch WalletIt can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all of your important but small items when travelling. As if keeping track of essentials like your passport and credit cards was not enough, add a couple of watches (you’ve got to have the right watch for every occasion after all) and you may be wondering how best to carry everything in a convenient way. Enter the Discommon Goods Watch Wallet, an elegant leather case designed to solve exactly that conundrum.

Born from back-to-back trips across the globe, the Watch Wallet marries your most prized travel possessions – your watches and passport.  No more watches in socks or separate containers. Grab it from the hotel safe and go.

The Discommon Goods Watch Wallet is a zippered case made of shrunken calf Italian leather with a tweed inner lining. Elastic pockets can accommodate watches of different sizes. Straps, inspired by vintage Ferrari tool roll, help ensure that the watches don’t slip out of their respective pockets.

Additional pockets can take care of your passport, tickets and credit cards. It can even handle a smartphone. In all, more than 20 elements are stamped, cut and stitched together to make a single handmade case.

Discommon Goods Watch Wallet

Protecting your watches and other valuable items is 3mm D3O  foam which lines the entire case. Often used in impact protection accessories, this proprietary foam stiffens and absorbs energy upon impact. Discommon does advise though that you should not test the D3O “by throwing an heirloom watch off a building,” humorously suggesting that there are limits to the protection it can provide.

The Discommon Goods Watch Wallet is available in Pebble Black, Caramel Brown or Wolf Grey. It sells for between US$380 and US$400 depending on your colour selection.

Discommon Goods Watch Wallet

Source : Discommon Goods