Concept Sunday: Cancelled “value-tier” Moto 360 concept

"Value tier" Moto 360 conceptMotorola this week unveiled its new Moto 360 Collection. Last year’s smartwatch has grown into a line consisting of three different models. Along with a new 46mm model, there is now a smaller 42mm model and a more rugged model, the Moto 360 Sport, geared at more active users. Under different circumstances, there might also have been a cheaper model geared at the youth market.

Imaan Naeem, who works at Motorola as an industrial designer, posted some concept images of what this “value tier” Moto 360 would have looked like.

"Value tier" Moto 360 concept

This presumably cheaper Moto 360 would have come with a slightly different case design but would have retained the crown at the 2 o’clock mark. Instead of external lugs, it sports a spring-loaded bar that makes it easy to swap out both NATO and regular bands. It also sports a colourful ring around the display. It appears that it might have been interchangeable as well to offer more customizeability. It’s not clear what size this model would have been though.

"Value tier" Moto 360 concept

With the 2015 models of the Moto 360 set to cost between US$299.99 and US$429.99 (CA$379.99 to CA$499.99 in Canada), this model would have presumably sold for below the US$300  (about CA$380) mark.

Unfortunately, the project was cancelled. No reasons were provided to explain why.