Business 2.0 reimagines Apple

WiFi iPod

Business 2.0 looks at what might be next for Apple now that it has revolutionized the music industry. The sizzle is in what Apple comes up with to turbocharge the iPod – or to create entirely new devices so irresistible that, iPod-like, they’ll blast open vast new markets. Analyzing that requires some speculation, of course.

Accompanying the article is a photoessay in which Business 2.0 commissioned design firm Pentagram to design some Apple products that I think all of us would like to see in the near future. So what did Pentagram come up with? Check out the photoessay that accompanies the article but here’s a sample: a wireless iPod (article image) and a vPod (a combination digital image/iPod device featuring a camera for still photos and video).


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