Carrying case for your storage cards

ePorter case

Have you ever found yourself wanting to pack more than one storage card? What do you do in that case? Toss them in a coat pocket? Lose them in one of the many pockets for your Scott eVest or your backpack? Stuff them in your back pocket and hope you don’t bend them too much? Fortunately, ePorter Inc. has come to our rescue with a line of memory card carrying cases which will let you carry up to 3 cards in one handy case.

The mPorter line will hold cards of any type (except CF). Its dimensions are 2.25h x1.9w x0.5d inches.

The iPorter line comes in two sizes: The larger model accomodates SM, MS, MS Duo, SD, xD, MMC and similar sized cards. The smaller model, designated as xSD, fits the SD, MS Duo, MMC, xD and other smaller form cards.

Oddly though , only the iPorter xSD is currently on sale at the site for $9.95 USD (for two).

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