Color coming to the iPod mini?

Apple iPod mini has revealed that Apple’s iPod mini is getting a facelift with a new color TFT screen and a bigger hard drive.

Apple’s move to a color screen on the iPod mini is part of the company’s shift away from monochrome displays, sources said. Standard iPods will also gain color screens across the board with the next update later this year. The move toward color screens is part of an effort by Apple to keep its industry-leading iPod looking new and fresh.

Also expected ia a higher capacity drive. It appears that Seagate will be the supplier but the exact size of the new hard drive remains a little bit of a mystery. Likely it will be a 1-inch 5GB but it could go as high as a 6GB drive. One advantage of the Seagate drive is its RunOn technology that ensures consistent music playback regardless of operating conditions.

An annoucement is expected within the next couple of weeks. And the best news is that the new iPod mini is expected to sell at the same price as the current one!

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