Conduits releases Pocket Artist 3.0

Conduits Technologies has released Pocket Artis 3.0, a graphic editing application. It offers a user interface that is optimized for the Pocket PC’s small screen and a tool box of features to do both photo manipulation and original art development. As well as support for the JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats, it also supports PSD, allowing you to work with Photoshop files while you’re on the go.

Version 3 comes with new features such as multiple undo levels, a new memory manager, layer masks, more filters, a GIF animation builder and more.

Pocket Artist 3.0 can be purchased for $49.95 USD from our affiliate Handango. If you purchased Pocket Artist 1.x or 2.0 before November 1, 2004, upgrading costs $19.95 USD. If you purchased it after November 1st, the upgrade is free. A 30 day trial is also available.

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