Dell recalling WM5.0 upgrade CDs?

Pocket PC Thoughts is reporting that Dell has stopped shipping the Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade CDs for the Axim X50 family. According to Clinton Fitch who wrote in to PPCT, What few did ship had serious upgrade issues and Dell decided to go back to the lab. The problem as they stated was that they did not have an ETA on when this will ship. In looking at the Dell site, they are offering the upgrade for sale but they will not be shipping it until they get whatever issues they have with the upgrade itself.

If you have received the upgrade CD and tried to unsuccessfully do the upgrade, Dell is offering a ROM Reinstallation from Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 2003 SE for both the Axim X50v and the Axim X50.

Update: Pocket PC Thoughts’ Jason Dunn has spoken to Dell and the story is incorrect. Dell is still shipping the upgrade CD and there is no recall in effect. Further, the upgrade is fully supported by Dell. They will not support 3rd party application compatibility issues, but the core upgrade itself is supported according to my source.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

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