Devices coming in January 2006

It looks like 2006 will get a great start with some new device announcements in early January. The Treo 700w is expected on January 5th, the same day that the Audiovox XV6700 (aka HTC Apache) will be available from Verizon B2B (and retail outlets on January 19th). On the heels of these two, you can expect the Samsung SCH-i830 on January 10th on the Verizon B2B and January 24th in retail outlets. It is expected to cost $699.99 USD or more depending on contracts. It is very similar to the i730 but replaces Wi-Fi with GSM international roaming capabilities.

The Audiovox XV6700 will run Windows Mobile 5.0 and come with 64MB RAM and 128MB of Flash memory. The i830 will come with the same amount of memory but with Windows Mobile 2003 SE instead! Both also come with slideout QWERTY keyboards, EVDO, GPS and Bluetooth.