Drivers, please protect your sideburns!

Stuntcar Extreme

Ready for a little stunt driving? Here in Toronto, winter has set in and after every snowfall, the roads feel like a stunt arena. But to avoid wrecking your car or if there is no snow in your neighbourhood, check out Stuntcar Extreme by Fathammer.

This is the most extreme form of racing, and only the best of the best, or the craziest of the crazy, participate in the ruthless duels on the dangerous tracks. Advanced car physics, fearsome opponents and insane jumps guarantee that the experience will be hair-raising.

Features include quick race and championship game modes, head-to-head wireless multiplayer action, 20 different cars, 7 tracks, a tongue-in-cheek story and more.

Stuntcar Extreme is available for $19.95 USD.

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