Firmware Update for the iPAQ hx4700

HP iPAQ hx4700

HP has posted a firmware update for the iPAQ hx4700. Here is what is included:

  • Fixes issue where the handheld fails to reconnect with a WPA-TKIP encryption network
  • Fixes issue where the handheld is unable to connect with a WPA-PSK encryption network with Cisco access points
  • Fixes issue where “Turn on flight mode” option is not available under the Connectivity pop-up window
  • Fixes issue where the sound quality of a recording is not normal after an alarm event
  • Fixes issue where a third-party audio application stops responding
  • Enables auto execution after a hard reset.

Note that this is not a ROM update but a XIP update. The ROM version will not change but you can confirm that the XIP update was successful by confirming that it shows up as version number 4.21.15045.7 in the HP Asset Viewer.

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