Gartner: Windows Mobile 5.0 Security Lacking

With the Windows Mobile 5.0, Microsoft put a fair amount of emphasis on improved security. Gartner has weighed in on the subject and found that Microsoft has missed an opportunity to show leadership in mobile security and have the market declare that the company has made Windows Mobile 5.0 secure. Ouch! Interestingly, at least part of the reason for this judgement is due to the fact that Microsoft has not implemented enough of Gartner’s recommendations on making Windows Mobile enterprise-ready.

Storage cards are part of their concerns. It is far too easy to take a card out of one device and read its contents on another. Their recommendation is to turn to third-party add-ons to ensure a more secure solution. Many desktops and notebooks now come with burners – it’s pretty easy to burn data onto a disk and walk away from it. Is this really that different?

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