Holiday discounts on games from INDUSTRY Entertainment

Master Kick

Just in time for the holidays, INDUSTRY Entertainment is offering a 50 percent discount on some of their software. Master Kick is available for only $9.95 USD and both Jack BBQ and Monsta are available for $4.95 USD.

Master Kick (for Pocket PC and Palm devices) takes table-soccer to a new dimension with various playfields and players, weather visual effects, live cheering and action replays. Jack BBQ (for SymbianOS Series 60 phones and Pocket PC and Palm devices), also known as Jack or 100 ways to barbecue, is a game that merges 2D platform action with some puzzle solving. Monsta (for Palm devices) is a turn-based game that requires logic and good strategy where Joe faces little evil monsters.

All 3 games are available directly from INDUSTRY Entertainment.

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