HP iPAQ h6300 Wireless LAN Driver Update

HP has made available updated WiFi LAN driver software for the h6320, h6325 and h6315 (I’m not sure if the h632x are the Canadian or US models). Wireless LAN Driver build 63 fixes a number of issues:

  • TCP/IP rebinding that occurs after a suspend/resume when using AnthaVPN
  • automatic authentication during roaming
  • “memory leakage” when handheld is roaming
  • handheld will not enter Sleep mode while roaming
  • roaming fails due to an incorrect BSSID list

This XIP (execute-in-place) firmware update requires that you are running ROM version 1.10.08. It will not update the ROM version but will update the LAN driver version to (in the HP Asset Viewer).

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