HP iPAQ rx3700 Series Mobile Media Companion ROM Update

HP has posted another updated ROM for the iPAQ rx3700 Series Mobile Media Companion. This one offers:

  • Resolves Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer shutdown issue
  • Adds Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for Pocket PC
  • Updates ROM to Bluetooth driver build 2600
  • Updates ROM to iPAQ Mobile Media version
  • Connectivity: Enables a Bluetooth phone to dial a contact
  • Supports Nevo Media, which is compatible with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

Which leaves me with the question: What is different between this ROM and the one issued back in December (Version 1.01.10 dated 20 Dec 04)?

As always, make sure you read all the instructions and prerequesites (ROM version 1.00.09 must be installed on the handheld before this update can be installed) before attempting to flash your ROM.

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