i-mate JASJAR announced

i-mate JASJAR

i-mate has announced their version of the HTC Universal and it will be called the JASJAR. They are promoting it as the world’s first Windows Mobile 5.0 3G-enabled GSM/GPRS mini-laptop phone with WiFi.

It will come with a 520MHz Intel Bulverde processor, 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM, tri-band GSM/GPRS (900/1800/1900) support, a 62-key QWERTY keyboard, both 802.11b WiFi and Bluetooth 1.1, an SDIO/MMC slot and a 3.6-inch VGA screen. It will come with Windows Mobile 5.0 and additional software such as eTrust Antivirus and Skype internet telephony.

The JASJAR will be arriving in stores in September.

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