Inexpensive Mac Mini announced at MacWorld

Apple Mini Mac

And again the rumours were right: the Mac Mini is here! The base model will sell for $499 USD (or $629 CAD) and comes with a 1.25GHz G4 processor and a 40 GB drive. A second more powerful model with a 1.42GHz G4 processor and 80GB hard drive will cost you $550 USD ($749 CAD). Both come with a slot-loading CD-R/DVD-ROM optical drive, 256MB DDR SDRAM and ATI Radeon 9200 graphics chip with 32MB dedicated DDR SDRAM. Monitor, keyboard and mouse are all extra though.

And mini it is: a square 6.5 inches and 2 only inches tall. Impressive!

I suspect that with this and the iPod Shuffle, 2005 could be another banner year for Apple.

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