Introducing the Gigabyte G-Smart with AKU 2

Gigabyte G-Smart

The first Pocket PC devices with AKU 2 are starting to hit the market. AKU 2 comes with the much anticipated Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5 which, with Exchange SP2, delivers push-email capabilities.

The G-Smart has begun to ship in Taiwan from a new player, Gigabyte. It runs Windows Mobile 5.0, comes with tri-band GSM phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a QVGA screen and 64MB of RAM and 64MB of ROM. It is powered by the Intel PXA272 416 MHz processor. But that’s not it. It comes with an English-Chinese two-way dictionary, GPS capabilities and both analog TV (NTSC/PAL) and an FM tuner.

Not a bad little package, all in all! Unfortunately, the Gigabyte site does not provide pricing information.

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