MobiControl V1.02: Remote management of your PDAs

SOTI has announced the release of MobiControl, a suite of tools that will allow you to centrally manage and support your company’s mobile devices. If you are managing a large number of mobile devices, MobiControl will probably make your life easier. It will let you automatically deploy software and data, provides troubleshooting tools, automatic monitoring and problem correction, software inventory capabilities and more. MobiControl is compatible with all Windows CE based devices.

For example, imagine that one of your users has lost everything on their PDA due to a hard reset. Well, MobiControl offers a feature that will let you recover both data and software after such an event. And when it comes time to update software, MobiControl will let you push the changes at either a scheduled time or immediately. No more running after users to do software updates!

Pricing varies on the number of devices to be covered as well as the length of the service contract.

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