More details on September 7 Apple event

Apple iPod mini

Apple’s special event on September 7 will be almost completely devoted to the new iTunes Motorola phone and the Cingular partnership, according to Think Secret. The phone should be available in both 256MB (70 songs) and 512MB (140 songs) configurations. Not only will users be able to download songs from their computer libraries but they will also be able to purchse songs over the Cingular network at about $2 a song. O2 is expected to carry the same phone in Britain.

Think Secret also reports that iPod updates are more likely to happen on September 20 at Apple Expo Paris. The iPod mini lineup will move to solid state, flash media with new designs to be about 20 to 25 percent smaller. They will come in 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB models with a 1.467-inch colour screen capable of 176 x 132 pixel resolution. Pricing is expected to remain at current levels for the 4 and 6GB models while the 8GB model could cost as much as $299 USD. And the shuffle lineup should see the announcement of a 2GB model and some price reductions.

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