More predictions for 2005

The glory days are over for PDAs. 2004 gave us a glimpse of that reality, and 2005 will write the final chapter. Sorry folks, the PDA revolution is over…we lost.

It’s’s turn to gaze into the crystal ball (an old bowling ball according to their article) and make (rather gloomy) predictions for 2005. They predict major vendor attrition to continue (is Dell next?) and the trend towards Smartphones and PDAs with phone capabilities will continue. The fusion of Smartphone and Pocket PC into a single brand make that obvious though.

PDAs are undergoing tremendous change and we will see the definition of what a PDA is change as it absorbs new features (or sees its features absorbed by other devices). The future PDA will combine the best of many types of different devices. Whether we still call it a PDA or not, it will be able to trace its roots back to the PDAs we use today. I’m not so sure the revolution is over!

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