NetFront v3.3 Internet Browser Engine

NetFront is an Internet browser that offers features such as support for WAP 2.0 and the latest W3C specifications and special functions to improve the display of web pages on small screens. Currently, version 3.1 is available for Pocket PCs.

Access has just announced that it has released the NetFront v3.3 Internet browser engine. New features include better support for DHMTL, intelligent frame handling, pop-up blocking and support for RSS and Atom Feed, and new security features such as management of web data and passwords.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that this announcement is for the browser engine only. It still has to be packaged into a commercial product release. Given that we have not seen a 3.2 release for Pocket PCs yet, I’m not sure if Access will skip it or if 3.2 will come out first using the older engine version and then start work on packaging 3.3 for a future release.

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