New Dell X50 and X50v ROM updates

Dell has released 2 new ROM udpates, one for the X50 (download here) and one for the X50v (download here). It offers both fixes and enhancements:

  • Improved the compatibility with certain CF cards (both)
  • Improved the power management within the CompactFlash driver (both)
  • Improved the WLAN driver for the unrecognized card issue (both)
  • Improved Bluetooth memory management (both)
  • Enhanced the processor speed scheme (Auto) for better balance between performance and battery life (both)
  • Improved the compatibility of Bluetooth FTP (both)
  • Make the wireless button driver more robust (both)
  • Improved the compatibility of Switcher Bar application (both)
  • Enhanced the compatibility of Data Backup utility (both)
  • Enhanced the WEP key security (both)
  • Updated the Funk Odyssey client (both)
  • Improved the frequency change mechanism of 2700G – X50v only
  • Fixed issue when pausing live streaming video – X50v only
  • Updated 2700G display driver – X50v only

As always, remember that a ROM update will wipe out all ActiveSync partnership information as well as all your data and installed programs. So read the instructions carefully and backup your data before proceeding.