New N500 and N520 from Loox

LOOX N520 have been playing with a pre-production LOOX N520. Although there are strong resemblences to the LOOX 420, the N520 will come with integrated GPS, Windows Mobile 5.0, a more powerful 312MHz processor, the front buttons and d-pad backlight in pale blue, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM and 802.11g WiFi. Their initial conclusion is that the LOOX N520 is a nice middle-range Pocket PC device: You should have a closer look at the model if you need the maximum functional PDA with an attractive design (remember the CPU is easy to speed up to 520 MHz), and do not care about the screen and a memory card slot.

The N500, also expected in late October or early November, will come with 64MB ROM instead and without WiFi. Pricing information is not available yet.

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