New ROM for the iPAQ h6340

HP has released a ROM update (version 1.11) for the iPAQ h6340. The ROM includes the following fixes:

  • GSM Firmware version 541e Update
  • Wireless LAN Driver build 63 to fix a number of wireless connectivity issues
  • Bluetooth build to address 8 issues
  • Resolution to a number of audio issues (such as the one where the volume becomes louder if the iPAQ Audio “default” button is tapped when a Bluetooth Headset is connected to the handheld.

Among the enhancements, you’ll find:

  • Support for 64-KB Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards
  • Improved reception and roaming
  • Improved headset reconnection when returning into service area
  • And more

This software has been released for the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, UK, Ireland, and Italy. Please note that Israel is currently not supported by this ROM release. HP strongly advises users in Israel not to use this update. Users in Israel should continue to use the original shipping ROM 1.00.06 until further notice.

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