PalmOne introduces LifeDrive Mobile Manager

PalmOne LifeDrive

The cat was out of the bag a few weeks ago when Amazon posted pictures ahead of the official announcement. But now it’s official – PalmOne has released its LifeDrive Mobile Manager.

The LifeDrive comes with a 4GB micro-drive (3.85GB user available) as well as a 320×480 high-resolution color screen, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

Email can be received on the LifeDrive when you are near a WiFi connection or connected through a Bluetooth phone. You can also remotely retrieve Microsoft Office files from your desktop computer as it supports native Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files as well as converted PDF files. And that 4GB microdrive will offer plenty of storage.

The LifeDrive is now on sale for $499 USD ($699 CAD).

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