PocketNow reviews the hx2755

PocketNow has done a thorough review of the iPAQ hx2755. They look at the device itself, compare it to similar PDAs, take a closer look at its display, biometric security and software and also run some benchmarks. And the review is accompanied by plenty of pictures.

I’d say that HP’s iPAQ strategy has been a bit misguided as of late. It seems that each iPAQ in their new line can do one thing well, but nothing more. For instance, one of their devices has a VGA screen, while another has a larger memory storage, and yet another device having a smaller size. In an effort to tie in more than just one strength, HP has released the iPAQ hx2755 Pocket PC. Is it enough to breathe life back into the once proud iPAQ line?

Read PocketNow’s review to find out their verdict.

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