Preorder Mastersoft Sudoku and save 33 percent

Mastersoft SuDoku

Mastersoft Mobile Solutions are putting the final touches on their SuDoku game. Between now and the official release, you can pre-order it at 33% off the price ($9.95 USD instead of $14.95 USD when it comes out).

What is SuDoku? It is a puzzle game where a 9×9 grid must be filled in with numbers. On each row, column and regions (smaller 3×3 subgrids), the numbers 1 through 9 can only show up once. Logic rather than math will help you solve the puzzles. And it is rather addictive!

Features of Mastersoft SuDoku include over a million built-in puzzles, a puzzle solver to help you figure out other puzzles (like the newspaper one), a scoring system where additional features and puzzles will become available as you become a SuDoku Master and more.

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